Identify 5 Signs of Damaged Hair

 Identify 5 Signs of Damaged Hair

Identify 5 Signs of Damaged Hair

Sometimes the hair looks perfect, the women did not hesitate to use all sorts of tools and hair care products. To look perfect in a while, they let her hair is damaged. Decaying hair could be seen through some omen, here are 5 Signs of Damaged Hair

1. Hair sound when swiped

To test, take some of the hair on your hands. Then rub the hair between the toes and listen. If you hear a voice that is too loud, it means your hair is damaged and in need of care.

2. Hair is sticking

No matter how healthy your hair, as wet hair will usually stretch. But if your hair is sticking like gum, then it means you have severely damaged hair. Should immediately stop using the shampoo you are using, and replace other shampoo.

3. tousle

Hair is sometimes tangled. But the hair is often seen entangled in the end is usually caused by the care and use of false hair. Better closely at the hair care products and tools that you use for your hair.

4. Hair is too porous

Damaged hair has pores larger. Increased pore also causes hair dye absorbs more than it should. This makes the hair more easily damaged by chemicals absorb excessive.

5. Brittle hair

If you wake up in the morning and see a lot of broken hair on the pillow, it means that your hair is too brittle and damaged. Immediately save the hair with proper treatment before the damage gets worse.

Please check your hair now. If you find the above signs, you should immediately act to save the health of your hair.

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