How to Cope with Hair Loss With Natural Ingredients

 How to Cope with Hair Loss With Natural Ingredients

How to Cope with Hair Loss With Natural Ingredients

1. Using Water Tea

Soak the tea that has been left to stand overnight and use of water full of strong tea, then wet the head of the tea water and gently massage. When finished washing your hair with clean water, do this 2-3 week surely the result will be satisfactory. This way is very effective and cost-effective to cope with hair loss.

2. Pecan can cope with hair loss

Pecan or aleuritus trilloba Latin language, in addition to cooking for hazelnut was very beneficial for the hair including hair fertile, black hair, Prevents Dandruff, Strengthens Hair Roots and must also cope with hair loss. Natural way of using hazelnut to cope with hair loss the first wash clean then crushed pecans until finely, mix with enough water. Then boil the pecans that are mixed to remove the oil. This oil is then spread it onto the hair and scalp. Certainly will reduce hair loss and increase your fertility. Do this regularly 2 times a week.

3. Using celery

If that is way more easy, just grab the celery stalks and leaves to taste, mash until smooth then apply to hair and scalp. Can be done every day. Also very good for hair loss.

4. Using Aloe Vera

How to cope with aloe vera hair loss on the idea because it would have been very popular. any easy way to do just staying put in the meat of aloe vera to sign / scalp. Wait until dry then rinse thoroughly, do this 3 times a week, and would have seen its development.

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